Bienvenidos a la clase de español!Srta.Jacobs' Spanish Classes

Welcome students and parents. This web site will tell you all about my Spanish classes. This web site also allows students to link to our textbook and use the web-codes in their book for extra practice.

All students will be using the book Realidades. It is important that your son/daughter take care of their textbook to prevent any end of the year replacement fees. Seventh grade students who take Spanish 1 will use the same workbook as an eighth grader in Spanish 2. If they loose this workbook, they must pay the replacement cost. If students click the Realidades link they will be able to access extra practice activities from their textbooks web-code. Web-codes can be found on the bottom of the chapter pages. Not all topics will have a web-code but most major sections of grammar will have one.

In the event you need to contact me please email me at or call me at school 708-496-8708 x526

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